ETRI Develops Network That Unifies 5G and Wi-Fi

Mar 14, 2018

A technology that prevents any loss of signal or delay in transmission by accommodating various wired and wireless access environments such as 5G, Wi-Fi and others through single network has been developed.
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI, Director Lee Sang-hoon) made an announcement that it has developed a technology that overlaps 5G and Wi-Fi access network with KT, LANBIRD Technology, and Snet ICT.
Current mobile network system is divided into various network such as 5G LTE network and Wi-Fi network. Because it takes considerable amount of time for changing network that is being used, there have been times when videos are cut off or delayed.
ETRI solved such problem by accommodating Wi-Fi wired network with 5G mobile core network. This method has Wi-Fi network as part of additional access network of 5G network. ETRI was able to effectively connect Wi-Fi network and 5G network by adding similar ‘signal control system’ and managed these two networks with single signal system and single physical equipment.

A picture of researchers from ETRI checking a process of change between 5G and Wi-Fi network <A picture of researchers from ETRI checking a process of change between 5G and Wi-Fi network>

ETRI also secured a technology called ‘access traffic steering and switching’ that is important for its new technology. Access traffic steering technology is a technology that has network provide service network that is suitable for a certain user. Access traffic switching technology prevents any loss of signals and delay in transmission during a process of changing network.
ETRI explained that these technologies understand amount of network use by users and provide optimal access environment. They allow users not to manually select choices of access.
ETRI is also going to work on standardizing its technologies and it has contributed to standardization of 60 relevant technologies. ETRI started this research one year earlier than an international standardization group called 3GPP, which only out put concepts of relevant technologies.
“We have developed technologies that are absolutely needed during 5G generation.” said Park No-ik, Ph.D., of ETRI Network Research Headquarters. “We have secured foundation that will allow us to lead future technologies by developing technologies faster than establishment of standards.”
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