ETRI Co-Develop Intelligent Assistant Technologies for Drivers with BMW

Mar 12, 2018

Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI, Director Lee Sang-hoon) is going to co-research intelligent technologies that assist drivers with BMW. Through this partnership, it will be able to apply its ICTs (Information Communication Technology) to electric device of cars.
ETRI exchanged a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with BMW Korea’s R&D Center at its head office in Daejeon regarding co-development of major technologies for next-generation cars.
They are planning to join hands in developing technologies such as user experience-type driver assistant technologies, telecommunication technologies, power technologies, and new material technologies that are related to cars.
ETRI started co-developing interface for drivers including input-output of sense of touch since last October. This research is carried out to provide safer driving conditions by reducing amount of distraction around drivers and it eliminates any potential dangers that may occur when drivers use control panels based on touchscreens.
Although these touchscreens provide satisfactory visual information, they increase amount of distractions for drivers. Chance of accidents goes up since drivers have to check what they are inputting visually whenever they are driving and operating control panels.

ETRI’s researchers are testing touch function of an interface with sense of touch and sight. <ETRI’s researchers are testing touch function of an interface with sense of touch and sight.>

ETRI is planning to add ‘input-output by sense of touch’ technology to BMW’s touchscreen device. This technology, which uses new intelligent material technologies, helps touchscreens to feel what drivers are inputting as shapes and forms change when there are electric signals.
ETRI has one of the best sense of touch technologies in the world. There are 10 relevant SCI papers that were announced by researchers from ETRI. Some of researchers were also awarded IEEE’s (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Young Scientist Award and National Academy Engineering of Korea’s 100 Future Technology Award.
Through its research with BMW, ETRI is seeing that it will be able to greatly improve and solve any stability problems on driving that may occur when drivers are operating touchscreens. It is expected that its technology will be used for user interface of next-generation cars.
BMW Korea made this partnership as part of its premium strategies. Its strategy is to present vision of future premium transportation means.
“We are planning to apply our ICTs to electric devices of entire automotive manufacturers that are out there based on our partnership with BMW.” said Manager Han Dong-won of ETRI’s Software Contents Laboratory. “We are going to focus on securing leadership in ICT during Industry 4.0.”
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