HANBIT Soft Looking to Start Blockchain Platform Business through Its Cryptocurrency

Mar 08, 2018

HANBIT Soft is looking to start blockchain platform business by making its cryptocurrency called ‘BRC (Bryllite Coin) into ICO (Initial Coin Offering) through its Hong Kong corporate.
HANBIT Soft is going to pre-sell its BRC and go on public sales in early April after going through private sales.
BRC is cryptocurrency based on ‘Bryllite Platform’, which is a blockchain platform for game users and it provides an ability to safely move and store one’s assets. Any type of games such as PC game, mobile game, web game, console game, VR (Virtual Reality) game, and AR (Augmented Reality) game that can be connected to network can participate in Bryllite Platform.
It is a platform that is designed to move one’s assets after storing them in an outside database or a blockchain rather than storing them into database within game service which is a method that was used before.

HANBIT Soft Looking to Start Blockchain Platform Business through Its Cryptocurrency

Users can check their BRCs getting stored simply by playing games. BRCs can be transferred to other people in a same way how game money or items are transferred.
BRC can be used as cash to purchase paid services within games and it can be used as a payment method for making transactions with other gamers. One can also earn profits by selling BRCs to exchanges and others.
Through ICO, HANBIT Soft is planning to provide its innovated blockchain platform to 700 million Audition users from all over the world and partners of HANBIT Soft.
Regarding a rumor that T3 Entertainment, which is HANBIT Soft’s major shareholder, is looking to sell HANBIT Soft’s shares, HANBIT Soft said that nothing is imminent or confirmed after inquiring T3 Entertainment.
Staff Reporter Kim, Siso | siso@etnews.com

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