Durango: Wild Lands Causing Sensation Despite Connection Delay

Feb 02, 2018

Nexon's mobile game called 'Durango: Wild Lands' jumped up to the fourth spot in sales after it was released just a week ago. It is becoming ever more popular despite trials and errors such as delay in connection.
According to Google Play, Durango jumped up to the fourth spot from the tenth spot in sales after it was released just a week ago. According to Nexon, products that are sold the most from Durango are 'Durango Package' and 'Monthly Fixed Rate Package'.
These products provide spatial movement items and items that increase amount of experiences. Even without random reward items, which have been major products of South Korean mobile games in the past two years, Durango was able to jump to a top ranking.
Number of people who are playing Durango and number of hours that they invest into Durango are also on the rise. "Looking at entire users including those who are still waiting to play Durango, traffic continues to be maintained." said a representative for Nexon. "Because we can accommodate even those who were waiting (excluding peak hours) now, number of people who are actually playing Durango increased drastically." By the end of the 30th of January, there were more than 2.3 million downloads of Durango. As of now, average play hours of Durango by its users are 6 hours. Durango does not support automatic battles or automatic quests. As a result, users must select targets and actions one by one.
"It is very meaningful to see that average play time of a mobile game that does not support automatic battles is at 6 hours." said a representative for Nexon.

Durango: Wild Lands <Durango: Wild Lands>

Average score of Durango on Google Play is 2.4 out of 5. It is lower than that of 'Lineage M (3.5)', 'Lineage II Revolution (3.8)', and 'Overhit (4.4)' that are currently ranked first, second, and third respectively. Nexon had gone through an unfavorable condition where most people could not current to Durango as its new server system did not operate properly when it was released.
Durango is a mobile game developed by Nexon and it boasts contents such as collection and hunting and construction of a private land that are not seen by current MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). These differences are the reasons why Durango is causing such sensation.
Actually, it is difficult to see any other complaints from Google Play's reviews other than connection delay. Many are actually giving positive reviews on Durango's contents.
Not just regular gamers but professors, critics, and game developers are also showing high level of interests towards Durango. "Although I could not connect to Durango during the first week of Durango's release, I am going to make continuous attempts to connect to Durango." said a professor of a university.
"It is early to evaluate Durango's contents because I have repeatedly failed to connect to Durango." said a game critic. "Because surrounding people are comparing Durango to Ultima Online (which has high degree of freedom), I am going to try Durango no matter what even if it takes awhile to actually connect to this game."
"If it were any other games, people would have erased them if they could not connect to those games during the early days of their release." said a representative for a game industry. "Fact that Durango is faithful to bringing enjoyment through virtual worlds, which is an essence of games, is the source to high level of interests from people."
Staff Reporter Kim, Siso | siso@etnews.com

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