Actoz Soft Working to Make Its eSports and IP Businesses Global

Dec 01, 2017

CEO Guo Haibin of Actoz Soft is a Chinese CEO which is rare amongst South Korea’s game industries. After being appointed as the CEO of Actoz Soft in Novebmer of last year, he has attempted many changes and his major work is eSports brand called WEGL (World eSports Game & Leagues). WEGL got off to a smooth start by attracting 120,000 spectators at this year’s G-STAR. There is some rejuvenation among Actoz Soft that has been stagnant for past couple years.
“Having a successful hosting of this year’s WEGL finals will become a foundation for having better matches in the future.” said CEO Guo.
Actoz Soft announced that it will be investing $46 million (50 billion KRW) into WEGL and it is going to attempt to create profit from various businesses such as entertainment program and promotion of players and clubs starting from next year. Its goal is to present new paradigms to global eSports industries at the same time.
CEO Guo emphasized that WEGL can contribute to South Korea’s game industries and eSports ecosystems. “We are planning on various businesses that combine elements from eSports and entertainment.” said CEO Guo. “We will be able to generalize eSports through WEGL.” He also added that Actoz Soft is going to expand fan base of eSports by finding and attracting various games from popular games to indie games.
CEO Guo announced that Actoz Soft is going to start releasing games, which is its main business, in 2018. “We are planning to expand our mobile business based on blockbuster games rather than making many games.” said CEO Guo. “Our priority is to have Dragon Nest M to have successful landing on markets.”

CEO Guo Haibin of Actoz Soft <CEO Guo Haibin of Actoz Soft>

Dragon Nest M, which is based on South Korean online game, is a mobile MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) made by Shanda Games. Actoz and Kakao Games are co-servicing it in South Korea.
“Dragon Nest M has excellent qualities, contents, and graphic that allow anyone to enjoy Dragon Nest M.” said CEO Guo. “We are going to maximize synergy based on Kakao Games’ wide range of users.”
He also presented a blueprint on its business that utilizes IPs (Intellectual Property). He is planning to expand its IP business by applying IPs to various cultural contents such as webtoons, novels, dramas, and movies.
Besides Dragon Nest M, Actoz Soft is also preparing ‘WOD (World of Dragon Nest)’. It is going to introduce Dragon Nest cartoon to global markets during the first quarter of 2018.
Actoz Soft recently established a corporate in Hong Kong. “We are going to prepare additional foundations for growth through diversification of foreign businesses such as holding global eSports competitions and releasing new mobile games.” said CEO Guo. “Our short-term goal is to expand WEGL globally and we are considering making investments that correspond to our short-term goal.”
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