LATE, LEE STUDIO: Leather goods brand receives global praise for sophisticated designs

Nov 21, 2017

“I have a relaxed personality and like to wake up and start work late. I like to incorporate this ‘ease’ into my designs to comfort the people that are stressed from everyday life.”
Last year, CEO Lee Yeol-mae began her leather goods brand called LATE, LEE STUDIO( All bags, wallets, and various other goods are made with natural leather.
The name LATE, LEE STUDIO stems from CEO Lee’s laid-back lifestyle and the word ‘lately.’ It also refers to the brand’s reflection of latest trends and contemporary designs.
CEO Lee’s background in Graphic Design allows for designs rich in curves that differentiate the brand from other women’s leather goods. The modern and feminine styles are highly popular among customers in their 20s to 30s.
CEO Lee said, “I reference graphic design books and sculpture exhibitions when looking for design inspiration.” She added, “My customers take LATE, LEE STUDIO products along on their special excursions from daily life.”

Homepage of LATE, LEE STUDIO <Homepage of LATE, LEE STUDIO>

LATE, LEE STUDIO products are also gaining popularity in the global market. The brand officially launched internationally when it was featured in the 2016 New York fashion trade show. It opened its global online store through global e-commerce platform cafe24( and ever since, orders are flooding in from the United States, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China and more.
CEO Lee said, “Global preference leans toward big and unique styles.” She explained, “Customer satisfaction in the global market is high because LATE, LEE STUDIO products are cost effective compared to most local options.”
The brand’s Instagram account showcases photos of products in everyday use to increase brand familiarity. Growing customer demand to see and feel products in real life led to the opening of an offline showroom in Seoul in the beginning of this year.
CEO Lee said, “I hope LATE, LEE STUDIO becomes recognized as a leather goods brand that is modern and feminine.” She added, “The ultimate goal is to be acknowledged for unique designs across all markets in the world.”
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