Samsung Electronics Urges Its Employees Not to Loosen up in Spite of Successful Performance

Nov 02, 2017

“Now is the time of crisis.” This is the first message that came out after appointing Samsung’s new management group.
Samsung Electronics held the 48th anniversary of establishment commemorative event on the 1st at ‘Samsung Digital City’, which is located in Suwon, while 400 presidents and executives and employees including Vice-Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun were in attendance.
“Fact that Samsung Electronics was able to achieve its biggest performance in spite of difficult situations is the result of efforts made by executives and employees.” said Vice-Chairman Kwon at this event. “However we still have many unstable elements such as slow growth of certain businesses and delay in securing new driving forces and maybe this is the start of crisis when we have achieved this huge success.”
“In the past, many top businesses fell in an instant after just settling with their performance.” said Vice-Chairman Kwon. “We still have many structural problems such as business reorganization and changes in management system that we need to fix.”
“We expect that there will be huge changes with societies and structure of population and technology innovations in the next ten years.” said Vice-Chairman Kwon. “Industries will change rapidly based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) and competitions will become even more fierce and requests from customers will become even more diverse.”

Vice-Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun
<Vice-Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun >

Vice-Chairman ordered for needs in bold challenges and innovative technologies in order to surpass limitations.
“Just by working hard with current ways has its limitations. We need to create new opportunities through bold challenges that surpass old ways of thinking and innovative technologies and have management constitution that can quickly respond to changes.” said Vice-Chairman Kwon. “We need to pay careful attention into every detail since outside world is requesting higher sense of ethics and responsibilities. I hope everyone to actively communicate with outside world with open hearts in order to vitalize creative ideas.”
“Let us make efforts to establish healthy group cultures where work and life are in balance.” said Vice-Chairman Kwon. “Let us go back to our beginnings once again and I ask everyone to give their all for their responsibilities.”
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