Samsung Electronics Mass-Produces Industry’s First eUFS Memories for Cars

Sep 27, 2017

Samsung Electronics announced on the 26th that it will be mass-producing 128GB eUFS (embedded Universal Flash Storage) memories for cars.
eUFS is a flash memory standard that has both low-power characteristic of eMMC (embedded Multi Media Card) and high speed operation characteristic of SSD (Solid State Drive). Samsung Electronics is expanding its product line of eUFS as it mass-produced industry’s first eUFS for Smartphones in January of 2015 and is mass-producing eUFS for cars.
eUFS memories for cars are memories that are optimized for next-generation ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant Systems), infotainment, and dashboard system of cars with high specifications that perform multimedia functions.
Samsung Electronics’ 128GB eUFS can read data at 850MB/s and also offers random reading speed of 45,000 IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second). It is 3.4 times and 6.4 times faster than today’s eMMC 5.0 products respectively. Its another characteristic is that it has twice more of storage capacity than eMMC while it is identical in size.
128GB eUFS satisfies UFS 2.1 standard of JEDEC, which is a standardization organization for memories, and it even implements data refresh and detects temperature that are required by UFS 3.0, which is soon to be standardized, and maximizes stability. When data refresh function is applied, data that has passed certain period of time can be moved to a new cell and it can maintain reading and writing properties for a long period of time. This indicates that lifespan of memories can be prolonged and that credibility of these memories will be higher as well. Heat resisting property is important for memories for cars due to heat that is produced from an engine and during driving, Samsung Electronics added a sensor that can detect temperature inside of eUFS’s internal controller and implemented high level of safety.
“We can now help our major automotive customers to release their next-generation systems on time by supplying industry’s first eUFS memories for cars.” said Team Leader (Executive Director) Han Jin-man of Samsung Electronics’ Memory Business Department’s Product Planning. “We are going to continue to lead growth of memory markets for cars by establishing a lineup of next-generation memories that not only increase capacity and performance but stability at the same time.”
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