Bixby Voice Now Supports English Service

Jul 20, 2017

Samsung Electronics is going to add English service to ‘Bixby Voice’, which comes with Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, and start providing it in South Korea and the U.S.
Bixby Voice’s English service supports 10 applications and functions such as Gallery, Calculator, Weather, Reminder, Bixby Vision, Message, Samsung internet, Setting, Time, Contact, Phone, and Camera.
People can use My File, Video Player, Samsung Note, Samsung Connect, Samsung Pay, Samsung Health, Voice Message, E-mail, Calendar, Google Map, Google Play Music, Google Play Store, Facebook, Uber, and Twitter through Bixby Labs in advance.

A model is using Bixby Voice’s English service through Galaxy S8. <A model is using Bixby Voice’s English service through Galaxy S8.>

“Regarding questions such as time difference between New York and Los Angeles and capital of the U.S., that are based on knowledge, we provide optimal answers by working with Google.” said Samsung Electronics.
Bixby Voice’s Korean service, which started on the 1st of May, currently has more than 1 million people using it and it has carried out at least 150 million voice commands. Variety of services such as banking service, Google Translation, and KakaoTalk were recently added to Bixby Voice. Samsung Music was also newly added to Bixby Labs which allows one to use Melon Service.
Samsung Electronics is planning to provide friendly user experience by applying voice of Seo Yoo-ri, who is a popular dubbing artist and an entertainer, to Bixby Voice.
Staff Reporter Choi, Jaepil |

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