SSUMJ: Boosting global sales with modern styling and marketing strategies

Apr 20, 2017

A women’s fashion brand in Korea, SSUMJ( has grown rapidly for over ten years since its launching in 2006. Its modern designs and aggressive global marketing strategies have made all possible to gain both Korean and global customers. Recently, it has become one of the leading K-style brands in English-speaking countries beyond Asia.
“Achromatic colors denote modernistic designs, expressing sophistication of women. Asian customers, who used to look for brilliant primary colors, are now looking for achromatic colors,” CEO Jang In-Ah of SSUMJ said.
CEO Jang’s fashion philosophy and operation strategy are clear. She has offered new styling with its achromatic colors of products while emphasizing sophistication. She also has varied the coordination simple look of products to present styles that never go out of fashion. Since then, female customers, who were fed up with brilliant colors, have started to show great interests in its products.
CEO Jang said, “Our products can be worn comfortably in everyday life or to any occasion including work, and special events.”

CEO Jang In-ah of SSUMJ <CEO Jang In-ah of SSUMJ>

Pregnant women are one of SSUMJ’s major customers because of comfort that SSUMJ offers. Basic shirts and pants are best selling products. SSUMJ continues to gain major customers, women in their 30s and 20s.
CEO Jang said, “When photo shooting, we try to express SSUMJ’s brand identity and put an individual story on each photo while emphasizing natural light”
SSUMJ has set an ambitious international expansion strategy through services offered by cafe24’s marketing center(, resulting in increasing of global sales from English, Chinese and Japanese versions of the site. This is the outcome of localized marketing strategies and its styles.
When CEO Jang started the global business, most of the global sales were generated from China. Recently, sales are coming from English-speaking countries and Japan as well. In addition, customers from Southeast Asia are becoming regular customers.
CEO Jang said, “As SSUMJ’s brand awareness increases, we look forward to meeting customers’ expectation while expanding customer base and strengthening its presents in the global market.”
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