FCC Hopes to Share Ideas with South Korean Government in Order to Commercialize 5G Network as Soon as Possible

Mar 03, 2017

“We are planning to supply enough frequencies in order to accelerate investments for 5G network. We are certain that 5G network will be a new opportunity that will lead future economic growth and we want to share this opportunity with South Korean Government as well.”
Chairman Ajit Pai of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) met with The Electronic Times exclusively at ‘MWC 2017’ and made such remark.
Chairman Pai hinted FCC’s clear direction that FCC will induce increased investments for 5G network.
“In order to commercialize 5G network, we are currently taking active approach from aspects of infrastructures and frequencies.” said Chairman Pai. “Our goal is to accelerate investments for 5G network as fast as possible.”
He also added that he wants to share ideas with South Korean Government that is accelerating its process for commercialization of 5G network.
“FCC’s new visions will induce enormous amount of investments that are needed to fulfill 5G network.” said Chairman Pai. “We are going to put in efforts in order to share outcomes of digital innovations with billions of people in the world.”
He also reconfirmed his opinion for the need of easing regulations regarding telecommunications in order to commercialize 5G network as soon as possible.
“Eased regulations will accelerate competitions between telecommunication industries and innovations.” said Chairman Pai. “We are going to research new regulation frames that focus on freedom of telecommunication companies.”
Chairman Pai gave notice that FCC will first abolish Obama Government’s ‘net neutrality’. “Obama Government introduced microscopic regulations that were established to prevent monopoly in early telecommunication industry in 1930s to policies on internet as net neutrality.” said Chairman Pai.

Chairman Ajit Pai of FCC <Chairman Ajit Pai of FCC>

FCC is planning to guarantee telecommunication companies freedoms to provide differential plans and services that were prohibited by net neutrality.
Chairman Pai has allowed ‘zero rating’ that exempts any charges regarding particular contents such as advertisements and partnership after he was appointed as the chairman of FCC and this was a good news for mobile network providers of the U.S. Four American mobile network providers such as Verizon, AT&T and others launched ‘unlimited data plan’ and have started competing against each other with plans and products.
“We have proved that customers want telecommunication companies to develop innovative products and compete against each other.” said Chairman Pai.
Chairman Pai also presented a plan to utilize incentives on areas that require public responsibilities while guaranteeing maximum freedom to telecommunication companies. “American Government has invested $4 billion of incentives in order to increase investments in areas that are falling behind.” said Chairman Pai. He also added that FCC is planning to materialize regulations that will provide incentives such as eased regulations and benefits on taxes.
While playing a role of ‘reference’ for global policies on telecommunication, FCC is going to have significant impact on global regulation policies and markets for telecommunication industries. However this will intensify oppositions from contents companies that were guaranteed of freely using telecommunication companies’ network without having to pay additional fees for inducing enormous amount of traffic.
Changes in regulations of the U.S. have induced changes in agendas of global telecommunication companies and it is predicted that changes in regulations will affect telecommunication policies of South Korea that is facing a presidential election.
Chairman Pai finished off the interview by saying thank you in Korean.
Staff Reporter Park, Jisung | jisung@etnews.com

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