Samsung Electronics Develops Main Chip for 5G Wireless Network

Feb 21, 2017

Samsung Electronics made an announcement on the 19th that it has developed millimeter wave# RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit) chip which is a semiconductor that plays major role for 5G wireless network.
This chip, which is made by combining main RF devices that were announced in last June, supports 28GHz bandwidth and its electricity consumption is the lowest in all industries.
Samsung Electronics is planning to push forward commercialization of 5G wireless network services such as UHD video streaming, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), hologram, and connected car and to miniaturize telecommunication devices such as base stations by utilizing this chip.
Samsung Electronics explained that it is possible to miniaturize telecommunication devices including base stations that have their sizes greatly reduced compared to before by utilizing RFIC chip. Because more base stations are needed for 5G wireless network compared to 4G LTE network, it is a must to make base stations lighter and smaller.
Electricity consumption of RFIC chip is also the lowest consumption in all industries. Because electricity consumption that is used to operate telecommunication network can be greatly reduced through RFIC chip, it is possible to reduce cost of operation of telecommunication network and greatly increase battery life of 5G telecommunication devices.
“Samsung Electronics has been developing variety of main technologies that are needed for 5G wireless network for many years.” said Team Leader (Vice-President) Jeon Kyeong-hoon of Samsung Electronics Next-Generation Business Team. “Development of RFIC chip will be a major milestone in development of products for 5G network.”
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