Samsung to Go All in on Dual Edge Display

Sep 07, 2016

Samsung Electronics is planning to only apply dual-edge display to Galaxy S8 and is planning to completely change display of flagship Smartphone from flag (rigid) display to flexible display. This is its attempt to brand dual-edge display as its identity for its flagship Smartphone.
According to an industry on the 6th, Samsung Electronics has decided to use dual-edge display for ‘Galaxy S8 (tentative name)’, which is supposed to be released in next year, and is ordering corresponding components. Unlike S7 and S7 Edge that are using rigid and dual-edge displays respectively, S8 and S8 Edge will both have dual-edge displays. Only difference will be their screen sizes at 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch.
It is confirmed that Samsung Electronics has already operated a development project. “Because there are two models, names of this project are also called ‘Dream 1’ and ‘Dream 2’.” said a representative for this industry.
This is the first time Samsung Electronics is eliminating rigid display from Galaxy S series and solely using edge displays. Until now, Samsung Electronics had been using both rigid and dual-edge displays at the same time. Both Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 that were released in 2015 and 2016 respectively have models that are equipped with rigid and dual-edge displays.
However as dual-edge display was used for Galaxy Note 7 recently, there was a hint of change. Until now, rigid displays had been used for Note series.
As Samsung Electronics is pushing to change Galaxy S8 followed by Galaxy Note 7, industries believe that Samsung Electronics is completely converting from rigid display to dual-edge display for its flagship Smartphones.
A reason why Samsung Electronics has decided to unify concept of design for its major Smartphones is because response from markets towards edge displays have been positive. Although proportion of sales for flat Galaxy S6 model and edge Galaxy S6 model, which is the first model to have dual-edge display, was 7 to 3, proportion of sales for edge Galaxy S7 model surpassed 50%.
Strategy to have differentiated design for Samsung Electronics’ Smartphones was also considered.
“We are planning to have dual-edge display as an identity for Galaxy Smartphones.” said President Ko Dong-jin of Samsung Electronics at Galaxy Note 7 event that was held in New York in August.
“We cannot confirm any questions regarding next Smartphone that is currently being developed.” said a representative for Samsung Electronics regarding future Galaxy Smartphones.
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