SK Telecom and Ericsson Secure Equipment for Demonstrative Network of 5G

Jun 24, 2016

SK Telecom and Ericsson had finished developing equipment for demonstrative network of 5G and have succeeded in demonstrating it.
This equipment will be applied for demonstrative network of 5G that is expected to be established at the end of this year. This equipment is a hardware that separates each composites such as CPU, memory, disc and others into a separate module and combines them. Module-type equipment can increase efficiency of a network due to a fact that it can freely change its hardware depending on performances of infrastructures that each different service requires from 5G hyper-connect network.

SK Telecom and Ericsson Secure Equipment for Demonstrative Network of 5G

These two companies exchanged MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in January of last year regarding co-development of 5G technologies such as 5G wireless transmission, infrastructures for mobile telecommunication network and others and have continued R&D on innovating structure of telecommunication equipment for 5G by going back and forth from South Korea to Sweden. SK Telecom explained that if module-type equipment is used for 5G, then it can support from small servers for personal services up to large servers that process large memories and it will be also easy to upgrade infrastructures of network more effectively through an upgrade of a server in a unit of a module.
These two companies are going to establish world’s first demonstrative network of 5G, which is composed of 5G devices, wireless transmission system and others, by end of this year and are going to verify performance of 5G system that covers both wired and wireless network.
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