Tmax Waits 7 Years to Release Its Own OS

Apr 21, 2016

After 7 years from its failure, Tmax developed and finally introduced its OS (Operating System) for PCs. It showed a blueprint of future OS that will target not only PC markets, but also go after mobile, Cloud, IoT80, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) markets and is aiming MS (Microsoft) once again.

Tmax (CEO Park Hak-rae) held a press conference at KOEX Intercontinental Hotel and introduced its Tmax OS for PCs. About 10,000 people from different companies and public organizations attended this presentation.

Tmax OS focused on compatibility, security, and convenience. It will solve any inconvenience and unfamiliarity that come with using new OS and plan to differentiate its OS from others. Because it was developed based on UNIX, which is the standard in this industry, it is prepared for mobile and Cloud environments.

Because it uses a compatible layer that it developed, it is compatible with applications, platforms, and devices that operate on MS Window, Google Android, Apple iOS and others. Not only MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel can be operated on Tmax OS, but devices such as mouse, keyboard and others can be operated through Tmax OS.

Tmax put out its security function as an element that differentiates itself from MS Window. Unauthorized programs that can be threatening towards security are automatically run at a separate space called ‘Secure Zone’. Because this area is separated from an area that is designed for one’s tasks, it does not affect entire system even if a problem occurs. It has a similar concept as ‘separated network’ that businesses and organizations use.

“Security updates are often performed when MS Window is used and this means that MS Window poses that much security threats.” said Director Choi Woo-young of Tmax OS Research Institute. “Because a separate space called Secure Zone exists in Tmax OS, programs that might be threatening towards security are separated from normal tasks and run in Secure Zone.”

At ‘Tmax OS Presentation’, which was held at KOEX on the 20th, Chairman Park Dae-yeon of Tmax is making a keynote speech with a topic of ‘Happiness of Choice, Start of Innovation’.  Staff Reporter Yoon, Sunghyuk |

<At ‘Tmax OS Presentation’, which was held at KOEX on the 20th, Chairman Park Dae-yeon of Tmax is making a keynote speech with a topic of ‘Happiness of Choice, Start of Innovation’. Staff Reporter Yoon, Sunghyuk | >

Tmax also introduced ‘Work Space’, which divides a screen into four depending on purpose of use, for the first time and this will decrease any inconvenience in having a separate window per program. It even developed its own word and web browser.

Tmax also introduced ‘TOP’, which is a comprehensive development platform, for establishment of ecosystem that is a must in OS market. TOP solves any inconvenience in having to develop a program separately depending on OS.

Tmax OS is not going to resort to PC only, but it is also going after recent IT trends such as mobile, Cloud, IoT, AI and others. When Tmax announces the complete version of Tmax OS in October, it is also going to introduce an OS for Cloud. Tmax is going to promote this OS as a major resource that will lead PaaS (Platform as a Service) along with DBMS and middleware in Cloud environment. In 2017, Tmax is also entering mobile OS market that is dominated by Google and Apple.

“Although we only developed an OS for PCs, we will introduce an OS for Cloud in October.” said Director Yoo Woong-jin. “Our ultimate goal is to allow developers to easily develop AI in South Korean PaaS markets by using Tmax DBMS, middleware, OS and others.”

Industries are interested on how much Tmax will have success in global OS market where 95% of it is owned by MS. MS collected $662 million (750 billion KRW) just from Window and Office in South Korea. Tmax is planning to establish ‘Anti-MS’ camp with openness, convenience, and differentiated elements and actively go after MS.

“After going through a bitter loss from our first development of OS in 2009, we are going to release a perfect product that will go through rigorous tests.” said CEO Park Hak-rae of Tmax. “We are going to secure more than 20% in shares in OS market, which is dominated by MS, by going after foreign markets starting from next year.”

Tmax OS will be officially released in October. Personal product can be downloaded for free from homepage of Tmax whereas Tmax OS for businesses and organizations is going to be a paid service.

This presentation, which was broadcasted live through Youtube, was on halt for couple minutes as there was a problem during a process of delivering the video. Tmax explained that this problem occurred due to a delivery problem and not because of performance of Tmax OS.

Staff Reporter Jung, Yongchul |

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