Is FIDO Certification Service Going To Become A New Growth Power In Security Industry?

Sep 03, 2015

Security businesses have entered FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) bio-certification service one after the other. Unlike previous ways that use passwords, FIDO is being developed as global standard by using body certification.

Along with expansion of FinTech 408, FIDO-based bio-certification is being brought up as a next-generation certification method as obligation to use certificate in internet banking is discontinued.

A reason why FIDO is receiving spotlight is because information about body certification is certified through personal equipment rather than a server. When certification is being transferred, it is certified in safe area through smart equipment and is sent to a server, where it is verified and performed. ‘Active X’, which has a compatibility problem with webs, does not need to be installed, and FIDO is used along with current technologies such as body certification and public certification.

Korea Information Certificate Authority (KICA (CEO Ko Sung Hak)) started FIDO-based bio-certification service in Samsung Pay, and its technology confirms a person by using fingerprint and public key infrastructure (PKI) technology. Although it only commercialized fingerprint technologies, it is planning to expand its technology to variety of certification methods such as iris, face, voice, vein, and others. KICA also invested $2 million in NokNok Labs, which led in developing FIDO standards, in end of July and is also going to expand its business to foreign countries with FIDO bio-certification service. KICA and Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) are currently working on research to connect bio-certification and IoT80.

Raon Secure received FIDO certification. <Raon Secure received FIDO certification.>

“Currently bio-certification and PKI are FIDO-based bio-certification service main technologies that are used in Ali Pay and Samsung Pay. KICA is servicing others by combining technological skills in PKI and management capabilities in certification service where we have more than 15 years of experience.” said CEO Ko Sung Hak of KICA.

Raon Secure (CEO Lee Soon Hyung) put out FIDO bio-certification solution, and its simple certification and payment solution ‘Touch and One Pass’ received FIDO certification. Touch and One Pass is applied in variety of services such as internet banking and cards, simple payments, games, portal certification, and others and it is also used for all hardware such as Smartphones, Smart Cars, door locks, Smart Home 411, IoT equipment, and others that require identification and certification. It uses methods that do not need savings of certification information or transmission of data network.

“We were able to secure FIDO replacement certification major technology by performing a business starting from last year to develop test tool that is compatible with ETRI web certification standard. In early this year, we established test service of simple payment that has Beacon and FIDO certification technology.” said CEO Lee Soon Hyung of Raon Secure.

Korea Electronic Certification Authority (KECA (CEO Shin Hong Shik) is also entering FIDO bio-certification business. KECA recently won a contract of a business ‘Development of Technology to Tie FIDO and Certificate’ that is PKI 2.0 project of Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA). It is planning to test the business at the end of this year and co-develop it by cooperating with Crucialtec that is global bio certification solution business.

“We are going to provide a safe service that is also easy to use by combining bio information with certificate. It seems that it will be widely used in financial industries such as banks and stock markets and simple payment that require security.” said KECA employee.

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