How Deep Has North Korea Hacked Into Large University Hospital In Seoul?

Aug 16, 2015

It is found out that computer network of large university hospital in Seoul was left alone for 8 months from outside group’s hacking attack that is reportedly predicted to be from North Korea.

A person in National Police Agency’s Cyber Bureau said that it has confirmed the fact that North Korea was preparing for cyber terror after hacking into university hospital’s computer network in August of 2014. National Police Agency recognized this truth in April and notified the corresponding hospital to strengthen its security measure.

North Korea was at a point where it could have completely controlled computer network by seizing control of administrator PC and central control system. While police was investigating on different case, it found out that Hauri Security product that this university hospital using was hacked by North Korea.

Police found a document that seemed to be leaked from Hauri in last March. Hauri said that it had confirmed that one of employee’s PC for work purpose was hacked.

Police found out that North Korea figured out a weak point in Hauri Security product that was installed in that PC. It confirmed that university hospital’s computer network, which was communicating with server that was connected to PC’s harmful code, was hacked.

Police found out that this hack originated from IP in Pyongyang in North Korea and decided that it was done by North Korean group because place of origin of this cyber terror was similar to that one from 20th of March of 2013 on broadcasting and financial computer networks.

“When vaccine gets updated, files for update purposes are installed in all PCs that have this vaccine. It seems that North Korea went after Hauri Security product because it can install harmful codes into all PCs that have corresponding product If North Korea hacks into security program.” said a person in Cyber Bureau.

Although computer network of university hospital is totally seized control by North Korea, its total damage of leaked information cannot be determined as of right now. A person in Cyber Bureau predicted that North Korea did not steal any medical information because purpose of its terror attack is based on malfunction of computer network.

Police notified to Ministry of National Defense in last April that documents that were leaked from Hauri contained 14 kinds of documents related to military, ‘Ministry of National Defense Security System Establishing Project’ proposal, and others. Hauri is currently supplying virus vaccine to computers and servers under Ministry of National Defense.

“It seems that this university hospital is the only one that got hacked by North Korea as of right now. We are currently investigating whether other places were hacked by different methods.” said a person in Cyber Bureau.

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