Naver Creates ‘gWorks’ to target Japanese market along with LINE

Lee Kyung-min Mar 24, 2015

Naver has separated their workforce with Naver Works business.

Naver opened a council meeting on the 20th and announced their plan of establishing global market purpose-oriented service corporate ‘gWorks’ 1st of next month. Naver had bought gWorks, investing 25 million dollars and obtaining 70% of the share. Kyuheung Han, who was in charge of Naver Works, will take position as corporate representative.

‘gWorks’ will be established in Japan in upcoming May and start spreading its business throughout Asia region alongside with LINE.

The ‘Enterprise Cooperation Service’ market that ‘gWorks’ have put their feet in is a B2B market area that provides mail, messenger, address book, cloud and other services for company customers. Microsoft (MS), Google, and other IT companies are leading the market

President Kyuheung Han of gWorks said, “With all the steady and safe service and infrastructure manage skills mastered from Naver and LINE, we will make gWorks work and create synergy with LINE.”

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