BANDYCO, No. 1 Solution for Snoring. Easy, simple and comfortable

Lee mi-so Dec 15, 2014

Snoring is not the simple annoying fact teasing your partner in sleep anymore. Some couples sleep in separate rooms because of snoring and even more it becomes the ground for divorce. Usually people take it lightly but it’s complication is much more severe than you think which could threaten your health.

Snoring can cause arrhythmia and hypertension and even leads to a sudden death due to an ischemic heart disease or a left ventricular failure. It also may cause serious diseased like a pulmonary hypertension, a cor pulmonale or respiratory failure and is subject to diabetes or glaucoma and erectile dysfunction.

According to the paper recently published from Korea University, approximately 45% of adults have snoring problems and 27.1% of men have sleep apnea while 16.8% of women have it, which means many people are threatened their health conditions.

The problems is that the treatment of snoring is complex and difficult. Snoring surgery was popular once, but nowadays doctors are not likely to perform that operation because it is less effective comparing to its severe pain. Of course there are some cases needs operative surgery such as enlarged tonsils, nose of structural problems.

In that reasons, doctors nowadays may recommend snoring prevention devices first. The representative aids are CPAP(continuous positive airway pressure) and IOD(intraoral device). Both can be effective, but they are uncomfortable and inconvenient to use and have may side effects so that many people don’t use them in long term even they bought them in very expensive price.

‘BANDYCO’ is a prevention device for snoring and nasal congestion made to solve all these problems. BANDYCO is a typical nasal dilator which is already proven its effectiveness in study abroad for a long time. Especially it’s made only by platinum and a medical silicone approved by the US FDA, so it can’t be compared, in terms of quality, with imitations which are made by industrial silicone or plastics. BANDYCO also shows a structural advantages like cylinder type and changeable which helps to widen the whole cartilaginous part, and it guarantee the effect that the other imitations can achieve.

BANDYCO suppresses snoring by making the whole breathing comfortable and stable through the sleep by creating a broad nasal and restraining oral inhibit and preventing contraction of bronchioles. And BANDYCO is also effective in nasal congestions from the problem of cartilages around nostrils, and as well, is effective in smooth breathing when exercising, preventing driving drowsiness, strengthening students’ focus, etc. And also BANDYCO helps asthma by sustaining a wide bronchioles.

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BANDYCO, No. 1 Solution for Snoring. Easy, simple and comfortable

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