Korean broadcasting technology entered Japanese market, VRi supplies 3D graphics solution

Yoon Hee-seok Dec 12, 2014

A small-scale broadcasting equipment maker entered the Japanese broadcasting market with its independently developed 3D graphics solution.

It had been difficult for Korean companies to enter the Japanese broadcasting market because not only the technological barrier was high, but also the market preferred products from global enterprises. This achievement suggests a possibility for Korean broadcasting equipment makers to develop new export areas in Japan.

According to the broadcasting industry on the 11th, Visual Research (VRi, CEO: Kim Chang-won), a company specializing in a text generator solution for broadcasting service, recently supplied a full 3D graphics solution ‘Karisma 3D’ to a Japanese broadcasting content production company Azabu Production. Established in 1987, Azabu Production is one of Japan’s large-scale entertainment program production companies.

“The demand rose as ‘Avid Deko,’ an editing solution that had recorded the highest market share in Japan’s post production (final image production) industry, was discontinued,” said VRi’s Jeong A-ram in charge of the Japanese market. “We secured a Japanese partner based on the diverse functions of Karisma 3D and through promotional activities including participation in the fairs and exhibitions.”

VRi secured Japan Material (JM), a company operating tens of sales agencies and stores in Japan, as its intermediary distributor for the Japanese market. VRi handles software and dongle supply, while JM provides after-sale service on the hardware. As of present, a total of 13 Karisma 3D solutions have been supplied to Japan including three purchased by Azabu Production.

Karisma 3D transmits diverse animated effects in real-time without a separate rendering process (conversion to 3D image). It characteristically implements a clear screen image by turning complicated information, such as of broadcasting for an election campaign, sports broadcast and stock market broadcast, into a fixed format.

In addition, it not only expresses various textures including glass and metal realistically, but also offers quick editing function according to users’ production patterns, and thus is superior in terms of production convenience to its competing solutions. It has been reported that 160 broadcasting service providers across the world have introduced Karisma 3D solution.

VRi will continuously expand its business areas in Japan. The company’s strategy is to actively target new demand generated in the Japanese market, which is larger in scale by as many as five times that in the Korea’s broadcasting equipment market.

“We are currently discussing Charisma CG solution supply to the post productions of Japan’s leading terrestrial wave broadcasting companies,” said a VRi insider. “We will expand sales based on our differentiated technological competitiveness and marketing strategies.”

Yoon Hee-seok | pioneer@etnews.com

Image implemented with Karisma 3D <Image implemented with Karisma 3D>

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